The new eye gymnastics

Pinhole glasses are a real gym for the eyes. They help train the eye muscles in a natural way and thus enhance the effectiveness of focusing the eyes. They provide relaxation and relief to the eye muscles and have an immediate improving effect on focusing.

Why they work

It is a physical principle: if you look through a hole you see better. Pinhole glasses have black screens instead of lenses, each screen has small holes of calibrated size distributed in a precise honeycomb pattern, which improve focusing and reduce eye fatigue.

The benefits

Like all muscles, eye muscles can be trained. Graduated lenses tend to atrophy them, while pinhole glasses stimulate them. Training improves muscle efficiency and effectiveness and allows the crystalline lens to adapt better to different visual situations.

Suitable for everyone

Everyone can benefit from the effect of pinhole glasses. Myopes, presbyopes, hypermetropes and astigmatics in particular can use them, as an alternative to graduated spectacles, to keep their eye muscles active. Pinhole glasses are also ideal for those who spend many hours in front of digital screens, or for those who suffer from excessive ambient brightness, as they prevent eye fatigue and related headaches.

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