Wellness and Ayurveda since 1999

During our travels around the world, we met different stories and lifestyles that aim at wellness and balance. We have selected the most effective tools for well-being. All products dedicated to the personal care of body, mind and spirit are put together under this brand. These products includes natural remedies from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition and products processed in local artisan workshops.

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda (from Sanskrit: āyur 'life' and veda 'science') is among the oldest natural medicine known by man. Even centuries before the Ancient Greeks, Ayurveda studied psychophysical well-being and placed man in close connection with the Universe and the Five Elements that make up body and mind.

Our remedies

Lynphavitale was created to build a bridge between East and West, and thus to connect the most ancient local traditions with modern knowledge and quality standards. It is possible to integrate these traditional remedies into our daily lives, rediscovering a lifestyle marked by well-being and balance of inner self.

Our quality

We have selected all Lynphavitale brand products with the passion, commitment and experience that constitute our inimitable quality.

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