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How does the internet pollute so much?

The CO2 emissions attributable to the web are 830 million tons per year. What are they due to? The Internet is intangible, but the 800,000 km of cables that connect every corner of the world, crossing oceans and mountains, are ... very real. How concrete is also the enormous energy needed to connect billions of PCs, notebooks, smartphones to each other.

But again: the servers on which the sites are based need a lot of energy, for operation and cooling. Herborea has decided to rely on green servers, powered only by renewable sources.

The choice of Herborea

We have chosen to rely on the Siteground service: a service that, relying on Google Cloud, guarantees environmentally friendly data centers, which maintains its commitment to carbon neutrality by balancing the energy consumed with renewable energy at 100%.

Every site operation is managed and performed by the hosting server's processor and requires CPU, RAM and storage resources.

The chosen service constantly optimizes the server software to reduce the use of the site's resources and making navigation "greener".

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