We have known the world of fumigations for over 20 years. It all started during a trip to South America. Here we met stories, people and cultures. Here we got to know Palo Santo and imported it into Europe, we were the first to do so. The passion to rediscover new cultures and traditions is the basis of the continuous research that has led to the careful selection of each product chosen by Lynphavitale for its customers.

Lynphavitale is an expression of well-being, everyday joy, and healthy living.


Today, we collaborate with the prefecture of Santa Elena, Ecuador, and several local families who help us produce the Palo Santo incense.

The process is carried out directly by the local communities. They are responsible for selecting the most valuable parts of the wood, excluding roots, bark and other natural imperfections of the plant.Thanks to their contribution our Palo Santo is one of the most appreciated and used in Europe. All our products are handmade by local artisans and workshops according to techniques handed down from generation to generation and with decorations typical of the different local cultures.

For twenty-three years, Our goal is to provide our customers with a 100% eco-sustainable and natural product.

Our philosophy:

The philosophy on which Lynphavitale/Herborea is based is the Andean cosmovision. According to the cosmovision, the human being is part of everything. He is as much a part of nature as any living being. He is part of an ecosystem that functions in balance if we are all in balance, with ourselves and our surroundings.

There must be mutual and continuous support and flow. Palo Santo is the exemplification of the Andean cosmovision. To obtain good quality Palo Santo we must not interfere with the natural life cycle of the plant. We must respect and wait for nature's time.

Herborea aims at an ethical and sustainable world in which you can realise your dreams in harmony with nature.


All our products are natural and eco-friendly. They are also fair trade because they are harvested, selected, and processed by hand by communities and artisans following ethical and fair labour relations. With the help of local communities in Ecuador, we are reforesting the Dry Forest, the forest where the Palo Santo grows.
Reforesting the dry forest is important because:

  • This is where Palo Santo trees are born.
  • It is our way of thanking nature for what it gives us.
  • In this way we enable future generations to benefit from ethical and sustainable Palo Santo.

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